Acceptable and responsible use of IT resources

Date: 27/04/2020

Computer users – code of practice

The ICT facilities are owned by St. Clare’s, Oxford and are made available to you to further your education. They should only be used for academic purposes together with limited personal use. Such personal use is a privilege not a right and you must follow these guidelines.  

We can examine or delete any of your files and monitor any Internet sites you have visited or e-mails or other communication you have received or sent. We can confiscate any device and examine it.

There is no charge for printing and photocopying but student usage is monitored. If you exceed a reasonable amount, you will be asked to justify your action and may be asked to reimburse St Clare’s. If you feel this is likely, you should consult your tutor or a senior member of staff before printing or photocopying.

This code of practice extends to all electronic equipment.

 Internet use

  1. You should not access any site that you would be embarrassed to show your teacher or parents.
  2. You must not post anything, including imagery or video/audio files, about any other member of the College community that might be considered rude or insulting or which would bring the College’s good name into disrepute.
  3. You must not access gambling sites.
  4. You must not access politically extreme sites whose values conflict with a belief in democracy, tolerance and individual freedom.  

System security

  1. You must not use pirated software or anything which might harm the network or any device.
  2. You must not place any unauthorised applications on the College’s network (*.exe – or equivalent).  
  3. Under no circumstances must you attempt to hack, crack or otherwise get around the College web site filtering system. 


  1. You must not use any information, data or images from the internet without referencing it. This applies to homework and class presentations as well as internal assessment. Copying or downloading materials from the internet is the same as copying from another student. It is cheating and will be punished as such. 


  1. You are responsible for everything you write. Be polite. 
  2. Cyber-bullying will be treated as a very serious disciplinary matter.
  3. You must not post anything which uses offensive language, is racist, sexist or in any way brings the College’s good name into disrepute.
  4. You must not use another person’s password or open anyone’s files without their permission. 
  5. You must not share any private information concerning any other student without their consent, such as their address, email or telephone number. This includes adding their mail addresses to mailing lists.
  6. You must not take or share pictures of other members of the College community without their express permission.

During orientation you will be asked to sign this statement to show that you ​have read and understood the code of practice and agree to abide by it.


I understand that a deliberate infringement of any of these rules may lead to stopping my access to the Internet or removing my account permanently.

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Updated VPA August 2018