The International Baccalaureate at St Clare’s

St Clare’s is a remarkable school in a magnificent Oxford setting where students enjoy a high-quality international education, achieve outstanding academic results and develop the skills they will need to create truly rewarding futures.

We are frequently the destination of choice for many students wishing to study the International Baccalaureate. As one of the most famous international colleges in Oxford and the first ever IB school in England, we train teachers and leaders from around the world. We are proud to be at the centre of IB education and as such we attract highly experienced IB teachers.

Our students consistently achieve academic results far beyond their apparent potential. Our IB average is consistently far above the world average every single year. Indeed, some of our students achieve full marks, which puts them in the top 1%, and many go onto the best universities in the world. Our results place us among the top IB schools internationally for student progress, so coming to St Clare’s gives you a greater chance of achieving your potential. Our teaching methods are engaging and student-centered. Lessons are varied, challenging and fun, with an excellent staff-to-student ratio.

Despite our academic successes, St Clare’s is not only about impressive exam results. The college was founded with a mission to advance international education and understanding. These values remain as true today as they did when the college was first established. With a student body of more than 40 different nationalities, our pupils come across many different perspectives and develop a wide range of thinking skills.

Our educational programme is holistic, developing talents in music, arts and sports. It also builds relationship and leadership skills through a broad range of co-curricular activities and service-learning projects. St Clare’s graduates are mature, responsible, creative, well-informed and inspiring people with a deep sense of respect for themselves and others. They leave the college as confident young men and women, able to make a difference.

With outstanding academic results, international understanding and strong personal development, our graduates are particularly attractive to universities and employers, and as a result many go on to enjoy remarkable careers. Our university counselling and careers guidance programme, staffed by fully accredited advisers, enables students to explore their options carefully, and make well-informed decisions about their future. We continue to offer students advice after they graduate and support them in their adult lives.

St Clare’s is a challenging, enriching and highly enjoyable experience. Our exceptional pastoral team look after the wellbeing and development of every student. Relationships between students are respectful and generous, and all our students belong to a close-knit community where friendships can really flourish. We are diverse and inclusive, appreciating students for who they are and empowering them to help shape the community.