Pre-IB and IB Diploma Fees 2023-24

Deposit and Fees

The registration fee is £100 for all courses.

Our enrolment deposit is £2,500 for our IB Diploma.

The Pre-IB enrolment deposit depends on your entry point and the number of terms you wish to study:

AutumnSpringSummerFull Year

Annual Course Fees

Our annual boarding fees are £45,636 and day fees are £22,256. The fees include travel and fees insurance.
A breakdown of termly fees is outlined below:



Our academic programmes are payable in 2 instalments.

Payment 1Deadline: 10/08/23£22,818£11,128
Payment 2Deadline: 14/12/23£22,818£11,128

Additional Costs

Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Bronze£150-200Price includes training day, practice
expedition & qualifying expedition. Compulsory for PIB course.
Gold£450-500Price includes training day, practice
expedition & qualifying expedition. Optional for IB Diploma.
Study visits and field trips
Biology field trip£450
Geography and ESS field trip£250
Concert and theatre tripsc. £40 per trip
UK day tripFree – £50
European cultural weekends£600-700
Weekend Activities£250 per termCompulsory for Pre-IB course.
Additional Tuition and Examination Fees
IB final exam registration£420IB2 only.
Private music lessons£49 per hour30, 45 or 60 mins available.
Music and Drama exam£51-119
SATFree – £50Please check the College Board website for details:
Legalisation of the IB£98 before deadline/£148 after deadline
Per sheet
If required.
Pre-IB Booksc. £200 inc. calculator
IB Booksc. £450-600 inc. calculator
Team sports kit£80-120
Airport transfers£180-290