Pre-IB course

Why study our Preparatory IB course at our IB World School?

Subject offering: Our Pre-IB course develops your knowledge in the key subjects covered in the IB Diploma including English Literature, English Language, Maths, Science, Arts and Humanities

Progression route: If you successfully complete our Pre-IB course you can develop onto our IB Diploma

Internationally recognised qualification: Our Pre-IB offering gives you the chance to gain IGCSEs in English and Maths

Quality IB teaching: We have been offering the IB Diploma for over 40 years. Our Pre-IB course is taught by specialist IB teachers; many of whom are IB examiners

England’s first IB World School: Our experience reflects our academic resources, including modern teaching spaces, well-equipped science laboratories and a state of the art design studio

Flexible course entry: You can start our Pre-IB course September, January or April. September starters can utilise our full academic offering and achieve up to 2 IGCSEs upon completion of the course

Pre-IB methodology: Our Pre-IB course links in with the qualities and attributes of the IB learner profile which encourages learners to become balanced, caring, communicators, inquirers, knowledgeable, open minded, principled, risk-takers, reflective and thinkers

Discover new experiences: Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) promotes the opportunity to develop new skills through unique experiences. Create your own CAS programme from over 50 experiences a week.Service is not a compulsory element, instead you can choose between 2 Creativity and 1 Activity, or 2 Activity and 1 Creativity.

Dedicated support through small class sizes: Provides a positive academic environment for you to thrive 

Experienced pastoral support: Our dedicated team supports your wellbeing during your studies

Inspiring learning environment: Oxford offers a range of academic resources as it is a world famous student city

As an IB World School, we prepare for your IB studies and help you achieve up to 2 IGCSE qualifications

The IGCSE adds to the scope and quality of our Pre-IB provision. The key benefits include:

  • Excellent preparation for the IB Diploma: If you are selected to take the IGCSE in Maths, you will gain a recognised qualification in Maths and be equipped for our 2 new IB Maths courses ‘Analysis and Approaches’ and ‘Applications and Interpretation’ 
  • Complements progression to the IB Diploma: Our IGCSE award in English either as a native and non-native speaker, enables you to be fully prepared for either our Group 1 or Group 2 course offering at IB level
  • Flexible course options: the majority of students will be able to access one of our IGCSE English courses. More able mathematicians will also be able to access our IGCSE Maths course
  • IGCSE awards: You can take up to 2 IGCSE qualifications. Our next cohort starts in September 2021
  • Prestigious awarding body: Cambridge Assessment is a quality provider of the IGCSE
  • Benefits future career aspirations: A specialist qualification in Maths and English complements university applications, supports professional development and strengthens career prospects; IGCSEs are recognised by employers worldwide.

 Compulsory subjects:

  • The core subjects are English and Maths. All students take 4 hours of mathematics a week, 2 hours of World Literature and 8 hours of English (IB groups 1, 2 & 5). English and Maths classes are arranged by ability so that you receive the right level of support. Students taking the Maths IGCSE will have an additional 2 hours of weekly mathematics tuition.

Optional subjects:

  • You will select 3 of each per semester (in subject groups 1 to 6). We offer 4 Humanities subjects, 4 Sciences and 4 Arts subjects (groups 3, 4 & 6).

At a Glance


15-16 years old


1, 2 or 3 terms

Start dates

3 January 2024, 14 April 2024, 29 August 2024, 5 January 2025 & 22 April 2025

Course entry points

September, January or April

Class size

Maximum 15 students


30 hours of classroom lessons Monday to Friday

Lesson length

55 minutes

Tuition fees

Day students: £21,196 Residential students: £44,118

Annual fees 2023-24

Day students: £22,256 Residential students: £45,636

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