Creativity Activity Service (CAS)

Develop new skills through our wide range of CAS activities

With over 50 Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) experiences a week, you can create a CAS programme which aligns with your interests or skills. You can select up to 3 experiences per term. Our experiences may vary each term, but could include the following:

Creativity Activity and Service Programme

What are the benefits of CAS?

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is an integral part of the Pre-IB programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. It provides an excellent framework to stimulate personal growth and develop the whole person through new experiences. The benefits include:

Our CAS programme encourages open-mindedness and personal growth

As a Pre-IB and IB student (year 1), you will complete a CAS project as part of your studies. This encourages you to reflect on your experiences and explore how you have met the skills and attributes of the IB learner profile.

The CAS project challenges you to show initiative, problem solve, demonstrate perseverance, and develop skills in cooperation and teamwork. It also encourages you to become open-minded and self-aware, through your engagement in globally significant issues.