Celebrating our quality academic results!

Date: 03/10/2023

We are excited to announce an outstanding set of IB Diploma results. This achievement highlights the hard work and dedication of our students in achieving such successful outcomes, despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. 

Recognising the achievements of our graduating class

We are delighted that our largest year group of 123 students achieved such an excellent set of results. There are several successes to celebrate, with the graduating class scoring an average of 36.3 points out of the maximum of 45 as well as 5 students attaining a near perfect score of 44 points. In fact, 25% of our students scored 40 points or more, giving them access to leading universities across the globe.

University destinations and higher education pathways

In addition to the outstanding results, the breadth of top-quality universities that our students’ progress onto is a fantastic success story! This year’s graduates secured places at a range of high-profile universities around the world including Amsterdam University CollegeColumbia UniversityDurham UniversityImperial College LondonKings College LondonSciences-PoUniversity of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of San DiegoUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of TorontoUniversity of Warwick and Imperial College London.

With a significant proportion of our students studying in their second language, we are also thrilled with the range of pathways that they go on to study including Biochemistry, Medicine, Music, Veterinary Science, History and Modern Languages, among many more.

Case studies

The following examples illustrate both the range of nationalities and the university pathways taken by our students:

There are many more interesting and varied success stories on the achievements of this year group. 

Impact of the pandemic on the study experience

All of this, against the backdrop of the pandemic! This cohort started their IB Diploma studies in September 2020, at the height of the pandemic. In addition to the enforced lockdowns and isolations, they experienced significant difficulties every time a term started or finished due to the international travel restrictions. We are incredibly proud because they demonstrated incredible resilience and perseverance throughout their studies.

Similarly, they are the first-year group since the outbreak to sit their final examinations and so are delighted that the results reflect their hard work and determination as well as the expertise of our remarkable teaching and support staff.

Alastair, Vice Principal Academic commented, “I have nothing but respect and admiration for this group of young people. The disruptions to their education resulting from COVID began 6 months before they even started at the college and provided a constant backdrop to their time here. However, they refused to be downhearted and continued to apply themselves wholeheartedly to their studies and a wide range of activities.

There were so many heartening occasions where the students supported each other through the difficult times, and they emerged stronger and more united as a result.

I look forward to hearing about all the exciting things have gone on to do when they come back to visit us.” 

Please note that the above information is correct at the time of writing. Results may change as a result of re-marking and university choices are subject to change.