How we support your personal career journey

Date: 20/03/2019

Pre-IB work-related learning day

Our Pre-IB work-related learning day takes place once a year and aims to promote key employability skills such as creativity, communication, presentation, teamwork, organisation and initiative.

This year our Pre-IB students took part in the National Skills Challenge; a real life-business challenge from The Inspirational Learning Group. They were tasked to design a video game from concept to reality, as well as come up with an effective marketing campaign. The process involved conducting market research, designing a website, forecasting costs and planning sports events with a celebrity influencer. Our Pre-IB students presented their innovative ideas to a panel of judges.

We are thrilled to announce that one of our Pre-IB teams got through to the National Skills Challenge final in May. This group will be competing for the chance to win a week-long internship. Well done to Francesca, Anna, Caleb, Eric, Lailah and Polina for your inspiring video game ‘Panapoc’. They were commended for their lively presentation skills, focus on diversity and good humour.

IB Career Launch Day

Our annual Careers Launch Day helps Pre-IB and IB students explore their options for higher education and their future careers. The event helps to demystify UK, US, Australia, Netherlands and Canada admissions process. And it provides useful tips on applying to University. There are sessions on planning a gap year, as well as workshops on writing personal statements.

Many highly respected Universities contribute to our Launch Days. These include the University of Leeds, Imperial College London, Newcastle University and East Carolina University. They cover a range of topics including biomedical science, engineering and humanities, and offer personalised one-to-one advice to our students.

In 2019, we were delighted to welcome back IB alumni who provided thought-provoking stories on their career journey. Yasmina, Caitlin, Robert and Chiara provided invaluable insights on teaching and charity work during gap years. Freddie explored the benefits of apprenticeship schemes and his career progression since St Clare’s.

Student World University Fair

The Student World University Fair provides further opportunities to explore their preferred subject offering and meet university representatives.

St Clare’s careers and higher education support

Our Pre-IB work-related learning day and our IB Launch Day are annual events by our dedicated Careers and Higher Education team. They help students develop new skills and explore future options.