Junior campus

Our Summer Campus for Juniors age 9-15

We have a safe separate campus in July and August exclusively for our Junior students age 9-15. Students have everything they need here to learn and to have fun.

They have 18 lessons per week in class but children will continue to learn English when they chat to students from other countries; in the dining room; in their bedrooms; in the playground; and on the trips.

Even if they are just enjoying playing on the swings they will still be learning English!

After lessons there are plenty of fun activities going on including games in the swimming pool, board games in the common room, team sports on the playing field, competitions on the swings and playground, and even circus skills with a visiting clown!

Younger students age 9-12 have to stay on the campus at all times unless going on a trip or excursion with an adult member of staff.

The older students age 13-15 have a bit more independence and in their free time they might be able to go shopping off campus.