Improve your English in Oxford this summer

Our English language courses for adults helps you improve your English language level over 2+ weeks. We offer a wide range of courses including English for LifeEnglish for Exam PreparationBusiness and Leadership and Online Personal Language Training. Our strong reputation matches our expertise; we have been teaching academic English to non-native speakers for over 70 years. 

Short summer programmes to improve your language skills and confidence

Choose from the courses below:

Themes of the Week 2023

  • History of the University of Oxford & Oxford Colleges
  • Famous Alumni
  • Debate: Private vs state education

  • Broadening your mind
  • AirBnB – blessing or a curse?
  • Learn before you land – cultural awareness!
  • Debate: Backpacking or all-inclusive holiday?

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
  • AI, VR, and the real world
  • Sustainable energy sources for the future

  • Local Oxford Artists
  • British Music Festivals
  • Become an Artist!

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • Women at the University of Oxford
  • Women in STEM, Business,
  • Who are your female role models?

  • British Values
    • Democracy & Rule of Law
    • Individual Liberty & Freedom of Speech
    • Tolerance & Mutual Respect
  • Spice up your Life with Girl Bands
  • Fish and Chips

  • Celebrations around the world
  • Masks, costumes, and pageants
  • Multiculturalism – a barrier to integration?

  • 12th August – International Youth Day
  • Model United Nations
  • Debate: What does our future look like with Gen Z?

  • Veganism, food waste & Recycling
  • Eco-friendly housing
  • Transportation – e-cars all the way?