EAS Compact

Combine English language classes with academic study to maximise your options for higher education

Our Compact Course combines English Language classes with academic study

English for Academic Purposes + Academic subjects (suitable for beginners)
10 lessons per weekChoice of 3 academic subjects (3 hours a week per subject)
English plus Academic Subjects course structure

English plus Academic Subjects is a stimulating alternative to the traditional English language course, and is ideal if you are on a gap year or would like to prepare for further study at university. This course is for you, if you would like to:

  • Prepare for university study in an English-speaking country: Develop your academic study skills for higher education or improve your English language skills in a supportive environment
  • Enhance academic knowledge: Deepen your understanding of an academic subject you’ve studied before or learn something new
  • Build academic literacies for further study: Improve your essay writing, debating, critical thinking, researching & presenting skills
  • Prepare for a Cambridge (CAE/CPE) or IELTS exam: Develop your language skills to take an externally validated language exam.

The key benefits include:

  • Intellectually-engaging offering: Choose from a range of undergraduate level academic subjects
  • Small class sizes: Interactive academic study groups of 6-15 students and language tutorial groups of 1-2 students.
  • Quality academic and language teaching: Benefit from our 65+ years experience
  • Improve your language confidence, fluency, & accuracy: Learn through engaging topical themes through the medium of English
  • Supportive study environment: Dedicated academic support from a Personal Tutor
  • Excellent results from college inspections: ‘Teaching is excellent and results in high levels of student engagement and motivation to learn.’  – ISI PFE March 2019
  • Academic and cultural Study Visits: Go beyond the classroom with our inspiring and engaging Study Visits in Oxford
  • Excellent Careers and Higher Education guidance: Specialist support from our CDI (Careers Development Institute) accredited Careers & Higher Education Advisers who help you apply to universities around the world
  • St Clare’s Seminar Series: Experience university-style lectures on intellectually engaging topics
  • International Community: Build your international networks or make friends for life while you live and study
  • Gain more from your study experience: Engage in team sports, socialise with classmates or travel to popular places in and around the UK with our wide range of activities and excursions.
  • Specialist membership: A member of Quality English and English UK
  • Accredited by the British Council (BC) and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for the teaching of English.

English plus Academic Subjects – 6 week compact course

You will benefit from being able to study alongside international students as well as native English speakers. We offer a wide range of academic subject options:

Academic SubjectsCourse
Communications and FilmOxford and Fantasy Fiction
Politics and PhilosophyThe Philosophy of Freedom
HistoryNational Identity, Diversity and Tolerance
Art History and Visual ArtsOxford Art and the Museum
Oxford Art and Architecture
Language tutorialsChinese, French, Spanish and Italian
Semester seriesTopics updated every semester

When submitting your application please select 5 courses, numbered in order of preference. We make every effort to give you your first 3 academic subject choices.

We also offer a 14 week semester course starting in September 2022. If you would like further details please click on tab below.

Progression options

If you are interested in enrolling for the full academic year, and have IELTS 5.5 (upper intermediate), you may take English plus Academic Subjects in the summer semester and progress to the Undergraduate Programme in the autumn semester.

Course options

Pick 3 academic subjects below + language tutorial + semester series

Are you free?  How do we understand the idea of individual and political freedom in philosophy?

Learn about both the history of art and the history of architecture as you explore Oxford. This course uses Oxford as an open classroom as you explore the buildings and art collections of Oxford from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the 20th century.

How do we define our identity in this globally connected world?  This course will examine how globalisation has changed and challenged national identity, multiculturalism and human rights. How has your ‘tribe’ changed?

Oxford is the birthplace of fantasy fiction and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. This course explores how Tolkien used the literature and history of the Middle Ages to create the most influential imaginative world in literature.

Develop your creative and artistic skills as you explore the landscape and art collections of Oxford and complete your work in our new art studio.

At a Glance




1 term with option of progression depending on personal requirements

Start dates

May 2023

Tuition fees

6 week course (1 term) fees from £3540

English language level

From upper intermediate (CEF B2) to advanced (CEF C2)

Class size

12-15 students


19 lessons (17.4 hours) Monday to Friday


Sample timetable


College residence or homestay

Course entry points

May (6 week) September or January 14 week course)

Lesson length

55 minutes

Entry requirements

16 years of age or over. English language level from IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent = B2 European Common Framework)

Places available

September and May 2023 entry

Optional extras

Lunch Monday to Friday – £49 per week
1-to-1 language classes – £59 per lesson
Excursions/Activities – £5 – £30
Airport transfers from £120
Courier for visa documents – approx £25

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Calculate the cost of your course

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