What are the benefits of our Scholars Programme?

  • all Scholars acquire Oxford University “visiting student” status
  • access to all University of Oxford libraries, electronic databases, lectures and seminars open to visiting students, computing services (including an Oxford University email account) and computer services shop
  • at least one lecture course at Blackfriars
  • membership of the Junior Common room at Blackfriars
  • invitations to Blackfriars’ social events, formal meals, etc., open to all undergraduates at Blackfriars Hall

Our Scholars Programme with Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University

We invite applications for our Scholars Programme from highly motivated and intelligent students who would enjoy and benefit from the challenging method of learning offered by the Oxford tutorial system. The Scholars Programme is a joint initiative between St Clare’s and Blackfriars Hall, a private permanent Hall of Oxford University governed by the English Dominican Friars.

The Scholars Programme enables you to earn 15 to 18 units of credits by taking:

  • a tutorial course at Blackfriars Hall; you may select one tutorial course (six units of credit) or two tutorial courses (each equivalent to three units of credit)*
  • three Undergraduate Programme seminar courses (each equivalent to three units of credit)
  • plus the option of the our Seminar Series (three units of credit)

Scholars are entitled to 12 tutorials in either the Michaelmas Term (October to December) or the Hilary Term (January to March). You may choose one tutorial course (six units of credit) or two tutorial courses (consisting of six tutorial meetings for each tutorial course; each tutorial course equivalent to three units of credit). Tutorial courses are available in the following disciplines:

  • Theology
  • Philosophy English Literature
  • Classics
  • Church History
  • British History

In addition, you may choose to study one of the following languages, if it is offered during the term and at the level you require:

  • Latin
  • New Testament Greek
  • Biblical Hebrew

How do I apply for the Scholars Programme?

In addition to the completed application pack for Liberal Arts Programme entry, Scholars Programme applicants must provide the following:

  • evidence of an A-/A grade average (3.8 GPA in the case of US undergraduates)
  • a brief (about 500 words) personal statement profiling candidate’s personal and academic interests and explaining why you wish to apply to study at Blackfriars
  • an academic reference endorsing suitability for the Scholars Programme
  • submission of an assessed essay or research paper from home university (maximum 5000 words)
  • two passport photos (not an electronic scan)

“After two previous study abroad experiences in Spain and Mexico, St Clare’s was the best in terms of academics, housing and social networking. I loved Oxford’s “small-town” feel while offering “big-city” opportunities.”
Erin (California, USA) St Clare’s Blackfriars Hall Scholar

“I really valued the balance between the coursework and the chance to travel. My classes were incredible with amazing professors and also I was able to see places I’ve dreamed of seeing since my childhood.”
Emily (New York, USA) St Clare’s Blackfriars Hall Scholar

Other gap year options

We offer a range of undergraduate programmes depending on your personal learning goals. We offer courses if you would like to learn a new subject or deepen your academic knowledge. Our offering also aligns with study abroad or credit transfer requirements.

If you are a non-native speaker and would like to experience studying an academic programme in an English-speaking classroom or build the academic literacies required for university study, we also offer this as a study option.