How to navigate the changes in the IB Maths curriculum

Date: 05/04/2019

Our Head of Careers and Higher Education at St Clare’s in Oxford, helps demystify the IB Mathematics curriculum changes. She also offers some useful recommendations on selecting your Maths options to complement your learning goals.

The recent changes in the IB Mathematics curriculum has created some confusion, however Melanie reassures us that information is starting to come out to help you make informed decisions about the best Maths option for you.

Information is starting to be published by universities, alternatively your admissions team may be able to help.”  She highlights that this type of research can help you decipher whether ‘Analysis and Approaches’ or ‘Applications and Interpretation’ is more relevant to your future degree programme. 

The International Baccalaureate Mathematics curriculum has changed, so which option do you pick for university?

Here are some suggestions to help you decide between Analysis and Approaches’ or ‘Applications and Interpretation:’

  • Check the university website, as it will indicate which Maths concepts are more relevant to your potential degree course
  • Talk to your current Maths teacher about your academic level and potential grades (especially if they are familiar with the IB curriculum)
  • If the degree you would like to study includes Maths, choose the highest level of Maths you can achieve, but don’t stretch yourself beyond your ability
  • Don’t panic – if you’re willing to study abroad, there are a range of course options to match your Maths level.

When asked how St Clare’s are supporting students and guiding parents on these changes, Melanie offers that “it’s all about making sure that students are on the right programme to enable them to be successful and enjoy it – and ensure that they can progress into an area of Maths that they are interested in. Then, we look at their desired university destinations and decide which course would be most appropriate.

We’re seeing this as an opportunity for the decision to be made at a slightly later point (after one term), when they’ve had the chance to attend our Careers and Higher Education Fair.”

The International Baccalaureate gives our students a passport to apply to a range of universities around the world, and many of them are applying to more than one country.”

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Credit: Hawkins Global Education

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