Art and Digital Design in Oxford

Improve your Art and Digital Design skills this summer

This course is designed for students who want to develop their techniques, perspectives, and portfolio for their current studies or for students who would like to try something new this summer.

Why improve your design skills?

The compilation of a comprehensive portfolio and sketchbook for your school studies is a time-consuming process. Blocks of uninterrupted time to develop ideas, experiment, and reflect are often hard for students to find in a busy school timetable. This Arts and Digital Design course helps you find this time, making it possible for you to create an engaging portfolio that reflects your abilities.

Enhance and develop your portfolio

Our Art and Digital Design course provides the expertise of specialist art teachers and modern teaching spaces to enable you to enhance, refine, and develop your portfolio.

The course provides you with:

  • expert guidance from highly experienced art teachers
  • full access and studio time in a brand new, well-equipped state of the art studio
  • inspirational visits to museums and galleries
  • tuition as required in a multitude of techniques
  • experience mounting and exhibiting work
  • the opportunity to meet and work with practising local artists
We are a member of the English UK specialist group for Young Learners

Course overview

Studio-time: You will be able to dedicate whole mornings or afternoons to work on a particular project whilst benefiting from advice and guidance of our teachers.

New techniques: You will have the opportunity to learn and develop a wide range of artistic techniques including:

  • darkroom and digital photographing, editing, and displaying
  • 2D drawing, painting, printmaking, illustrating, designing, and exhibiting
  • 3D textiles, fashion and casting

Inspirational visits: There are many places in Oxford to view the work of other artists to seek inspiration. Visits will include the Ashmolean Museum, the Museum of Modern Art Oxford, and the Christchurch Picture Gallery, as well as less obvious venues famed for their architecture and unusual artefacts.

Exhibition: You will work towards the final Friday when you will present your work in an exhibition for your classmates and specially invited local artists.

At a Glance


15-17 years old


2 weeks

Start dates

7 July 2024 and 4 August 2024

English language level

From upper intermediate (CEF B2) to very advanced (CEF C2)

Class size

Maximum 12 students

Lesson length

25 (23 hours) Monday to Friday

Package fee


Package include

Tuition, accommodation, meals, travel insurance, activities, sports & 1 excursion per week




Optional extras

Terms and Conditions

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